Midlantic Division


AVX Corporation
CapacitorsCeramic, Tantalum, Glass, Film, Microwave, SMPS, SLC,
Power & MIL/AERO

FiltersRFI/EMI, SAW, Low Pass, Noise and Ceramic Filters, Feedthrough.
RF ProductsCaps, Inductors, Couplers, Filters, MIS/MOS, PMC, HI-Q Caps
ConnectorsLED/Solid State Lighting, MOBO, Battery, SIM, BTB & WTB,
FPC/FFC and Memory Products.

Timing DevicesResonators, Crystals, VCO, TCXO, OCXO, SAW Filters, Oscillators



DC/DC Converters, Switching Regulators AC/DC Converters, LED Drivers

logo_BRT LED

American Bright

LED: SMT, Through Hole, Infrared, Chip PLCC, Lamps, 7 Seg, Dot Matrix, Bar Graph Arrays, Chip on board, Display, High Power and Custom Assemblies



World class supplier of Industrial Ethernet, VFD, Flex, Control, Power and Electronic type cable

Birk Manufacturing

Flexible Heater Solutions : WireWound – Etched Foil, Silicone – Kapton


Comair Rotro

Fan, Blowers, Fan Trays,  Impellers and Custom Air Moving Products



Souriau Connection Technologies/Sunbank:

Military, Aerospace & Commercial Connectors

Backshells, Conduit & Accessories

Advanced Input Devices/Memtron: Membrane Switches,

Custom Keyboards, Integrated Assemblies, Graphic Panels



Thermal, Thermal-Magnetic & Magnetic-Hydraulic over current Circuit breakers;  Digital Switching Technology; Custom Power Mgmt Systems Design including Rack Mount


Insight SiP

Bluetooth BLE Modules & Sensors: Small Package, Ultra Low Power Consumption, Integrated Antenna, Bi Directional, Pre Certified



EESeal’s ® EMI Filter; Transient & ESD Protection EMI Filtering from 10kHz-20GHz; Flexibility in Design; Meets MIL-STD-461 & D0160


Sensata Technologies

Pressure sensors, pressure switches, temperature sensors, and thermostats for industrial and HVAC applications. Kavlico products including, thin film, ceramic capacitive, piezo-resistive and silicon capacitive sensors

BEI Sensors

High Quality Enclosures and related products for the electronics and data industries. Small, hand-held boxes to large cabinet racks. Plastic and Metal, many of which meet NEMA and seismic requirements. Custom product and complete design support


Solid State Relays & Contactors DC & AC SSR’s and SSC’s for Heating, Lighting and Motion Control.


SMC Diode Solutions

Modules, Linear products, LDO’s, references, regulators,

USB Power Switches, Reset Devices, Die and Wafer products.


Solar & Palau

Backward curved motorized impellers, single and dual inlet forward curved centrifugal blowers, and compact duct and wall axial fans.  Value Add Capabilities

WPGA Display Solutions Group

Displays: Active/Passive Display Technologies, Touch Solutions, Controllers, SBC, OLED & Value Added Services