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AVX Regulator Circuit Technical Paper

Advancements in electronic technology over the last decade have led to smarter consumer electronics. As devices become smarter, the components used to power them are shrinking, resulting in small, but incredibly powerful devices — ones small enough to fit inside a pocket or around a wrist. With these smaller, denser designs, it can be impossible to separate analog and digital domains in the layout, as best practices used to dictate years ago. Today, design engineers are compelled to use many capacitors in the power network to attenuate high-frequency digital noise. Circuits are designed to expect pure, clean power without noise that will impact analog circuits.

To help assure that you are considering the right capacitor for your design, AVX has created this extremely informative white paper that explains the performance of the capacitor in a typical power supply regulator circuits, while also comparing the advantages and disadvantages of common capacitor technologies to help you chose the right product for your design.

This valuable document can be downloaded by clicking the image below.


ELECTROSWITCH Electronic Products

Were you aware that Electroswitch’s Electronic Products’ history of acquisition has resulted in 7 established brands that make up 6 product lines and an countless number of switching solutions?

More information on each brand and/or product can be found at the following links:

Brand Product
ASM Rotary Switches
CRL/Centralab Encoders
EATON Controls Indicator Lights
Ganor Pushbutton
Oak Grigsby Rocker
Shallcross Toggle



The CFE-MacInnis TEAM is ready to assist you with your switch requirements.  Click HERE to contact us so we can discuss your needs and an Electroswitch solution.


AVX Super Cap Video

This video is a great summary as to why an engineer should consider a super capacitor as a solution to their primary, or secondary battery requirement.


The video also highlights why AVX should be consider as the source for super caps.


You can enjoy this informative video by clicking below:

Souriau’s Locking Mechanisms are Best in Class – Video

Ok, so you need an I/O connector for your new design, but what feature of the connector do you consider first?

Depending on the application you may start by considering the number of conductors, current rating, environmental performance, but how about options for locking features?

The locking mechanism is very important to assure that the connector remains coupled, while also providing a means for decoupling that is inline with the application.  The locking mechanism can be a mechanical marvel, and Souriau has a variety of innovative designs that are best in class.

You can see this innovation at the following video, or better yet you can have a MacInns Group sales person demonstrate each for you in person.

Souriau’s Locking Mechanisms Video


AVX provides interesting insight on how to address EMI issues with implantable medical devices.

There was a very interesting article written for Med Device Online, by Amanda Ison, Principal Engineer with AVX, on protecting implantable medical devices from electromagnetic interference.


With implantable devices incorporating more on board electronics, the article provided some tremendous insight on how important it is to protect against EMI.


You can find the article: here.


AVX offers an array of products designed for filtering both EMI and RFI for all kinds of applications.  Let the team at CFE know what EMI/RFI challenges you are facing so we can assist you with an AVX solution.






CFE Mid Atlantic Is Excited To Be Representing RECOM Power

We are excited to announce that CFE-MacInnis has been chosen to represent RECOM’s innovative offering of power solutions in the Mid Atlantic territory.  We will be engaging our Distribution Partners and the OEM Community soon with updates on all the RECOM has to offer on your next design.  In the meantime, please let the team at CFE know if there is something that we can do to assist you on your next design.


Clicking the following photo will link you to the RECOM web page.


An AVX Supercap versus a Battery?

Have you considered a Supercap for your next design?  If not, AVX has an offering that might be the ideal fit for your application.

The video below gives a brief overview of the AVX Supercap product and how it might be a strong alternative to a battery; but better yet, let the team at CFE-MacInnis help you pick the right part for your design.

More information on the AVX Supercap offering can be found HERE.

Enjoy the video!



AVX 53-8702 Series Wire to Board Solution

For more than a decade, insulation displacement contacts (IDC) and press-fit or compliant pin technology have been proven to be two of the most reliable contact systems in critical electronic systems.

AVX has combined these two contact technologies into a new and unique, high reliability WTB connection system to replace traditional 2-piece solutions, offering designers a new packaging option.

Additional Features & Benefits include:

  • Proven “gas tight” cold welded wire termination to PCB
  • Redundant contact systems provides enhanced wire retention and PCB attachment
  • Replace costly 2-piece connector solutions

The team at CFE-MacInnis are ready to assist you with your WTB design.

More information on the 53-8702 can be found HERE.

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