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AVX Regulator Circuit Technical Paper

January 13th, 2021

Advancements in electronic technology over the last decade have led to smarter consumer electronics. As devices become smarter, the components used to power them are shrinking, resulting in small, but incredibly powerful devices — ones small enough to fit inside a pocket or around a wrist. With these smaller, denser designs, it can be impossible to separate analog and digital domains in the layout, as best practices used to dictate years ago. Today, design engineers are compelled to use many capacitors in the power network to attenuate high-frequency digital noise. Circuits are designed to expect pure, clean power without noise that will impact analog circuits.

To help assure that you are considering the right capacitor for your design, AVX has created this extremely informative white paper that explains the performance of the capacitor in a typical power supply regulator circuits, while also comparing the advantages and disadvantages of common capacitor technologies to help you chose the right product for your design.

This valuable document can be downloaded by clicking the image below.